Client Services

The main goal of this extensive program is the spiritual, moral, and physical care of those who come to The Salvation Army for assistance. Ultimately, we want to provide the support that these people need so they can take the first steps to begin to build a better life.

Client Services encompasses a diverse group of programs geared toward the needs of individuals and families in our community. Assistance in the way of emergency food hampers can be provided for singles or families experiencing immediate food shortages. Clothing and furniture could be made available to alleviate the needs of someone caught a crisis. Emotional support services and counselling (primarily assessment and referral) are offered to those facing various challenges including chemical and other addictions.

Personal support programs, such as Life Skills Training, Job Club, and Chapel Time, as well as self-help groups are offered from time to time. Please contact The Salvation Army office to ask about current programs.


Camp Sunrise

Camping has been part of The Salvation Army’s ministry since the early nineteen-twenties. Leaky cabins, bologna sandwiches, and cold showers have given way to modern facilities, first-rate meals, and creative programming. Each year, over 14,000 marginalized children attend our many camps across Canada, including our own Camp Sunrise located on the Sunshine Coast here in British Columbia.

services2Summer camp is an unforgettable experience in the lives of these children, and it couldn’t happen for them if they weren’t sponsored. Your gift can be the deciding factor that makes a child’s impossible dream come true. The cost is $300.00 per child, and our Abbotsford goal is to send at least forty-five children to camp each year. If you’d like to help, simply call our office at 604-852-9305 and ask to donate to "Send a Kid to Camp".